wizualizacja 3d, widok sofy z góry


         Hello! We are P71

      We create 3d visualizations


P71 is a small graphic studio. We based in Wroclaw (Poland). We specialized with 3d visualisations of interiors, exteriors and products.

We work remotely.

Feel free to send us some project information such as sketches, drawings, CAD files or photos. We will send you back our exact quote. We will be happy if you decide to cooperate with us.

Contact us via email:hello@p71.pl

We guarantee   high quality.

przykładowa wizualizacja 3d salonu

3D visualisation is an inevitable element od the interior design. We can render the place defining each single detail: texture, colour and event time of the day.

We prepare visualisations on the basis of their projects, drafts or inspirations.

We visualising equiping properties for sale or rent. We give life to interiors still under construction, renovated or simply not equiped. It makes them more attractive and arises positive emotions. It enables potential clients to see the propotions, the size and possible furniture, which can help in making the final decision.

We also make the virtual walks along the estate and the cross sections of single rooms and whole floors.

wizualizacja podłogi

The  main factor of a successful buisiness is the original presentation of its product.

Only this way your company can stand out on the market and significantly stay ahead of the competition.

Surprise your clients.